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Bullfrog Spa Jets

Exclusive hot tub jets, crafted with purpose in mind

Shower Jets

Shower Hot Tub Jets

Feel the sensation of hundreds of light and tickling jets caressing your back. Give your significant other a break as you allow the soothing jets to relieve mental stress and sooth your skin. No other hot tub can offer these jets because they are possible only with JetPaks in a Bullfrog Spa. 

This jet is found on these JetPaks:  RainShower



DeepRelief Jets

DeepRelief Hot Tub Jets

Sometimes the only way to relieve the tension of daily life is to feel an intense, deep-tissue massage. With the smaller jet size, more pressure is felt on your neck and back. These jets power away soreness felt deep in your muscles.

This jet is found on these JetPaks:   NeckBlaster, NeckMasseuse,Reliever, Spinal Health, DeepRelief, AcuTherapy, Lumbar, Wellness, FibroTherapy



Firm Relief Jets

Firm Relief Hot Tub Jets

The FirmRelief Jet provides a steady pressure massage that is a favorite of many people for its "just right" feel. This jet is used in many JetPaks to provide the perfect intensity for massaging out stress and tension, while allowing for long term relaxation.

This jet is found on these JetPaks: Alleviate, NeckBlaster, Lumbar, Wellness, AcuTherapy, Cascadia



Single Pulse Jets

Single Pulse Hot Tub Jets

The single pulse jets relieve back tension in a slow and deliberate way. You can feel the hypnotic relief to your sore muscles. With only a single jet, the pressure is greater from this jet than the other pulse series jets. These jets do not fail because they do not have bearings or any parts that can fail. Simple design gives you maximum enjoyment.

This jet is found on these JetPaks: Gyro’ssage, NeckMasseusse


Dual Pulse Jets

Dual Pulse Hot Tub Jets

The Dual Pulse Jet creates a rapid pulsating massage with 2 spinning jet nozzles. This is a soothing medium pressure massage that is a favorite for those looking for deep relaxation and stress relief. 

This jet is found on these JetPaks: Pulsator, Spinalssage, Wellness 



Oscillator Jets

Oscillator Hot Tub Jets

This Bullfrog exclusive hydromassage provides a deliberate kneading action that is hypnotic and soothing. The unique circular pattern and massage rhythm is reminiscent of the skilled hands of a masseuse soothing away your pain and stress. 

This jet is found on these JetPaks: Oscillator, Reliever, FibroTherapy



Target Therapy Jets

Target Therapy Hot Tub Jets

The Target Therapy Jets are placed throughout the spa at key high tension areas. This jets focuses a firm pressure to relieve muscle groups and regions of your body like calves, feet, wrists, hamstrings, and the sciatic area.

This jet is found throughout most Bullfrog Spa models in specific target areas.



Whirlpool Foot Jets

Whirlpool Foot Hot Tub Jets

The Whirlpool jets provide a powerful and relaxing massage for the soles of your feet. They provide a firm massage but are dialed to just the right intensity so as to not tickle or overwhelm sensitive feet.

This jet is found in the footwell of most Bullfrog Spa hot tub models.



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