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No two people are the same so no two people need the same hot tub. Only the best hot tubs and spas put you in charge of your relaxation. Interchangeable JetPaks let you customize your Bullfrog Spa and choose the massages that you like to create your perfect personal spa experience.

JetPaks Redefine the Hot Tub

Conventional hot tubs use a jumble of complex plumbing that is inefficient and unreliable. The patented JetPak System, only available in a Bullfrog Spa, is a completely new way to engineer a spa, creating what is simply the world's best hot tub. JetPak Technology redefines the personal spa experience, while creating reliability and an energy efficient hot tub.

Escape Your Stress

74% of people believe that stress is hurting their quality of life. One way to relieve stress is through hydrotherapy in your own outdoor hot tub. Daily spa therapy is scientifically shown to reduce stress and improve wellness. In just a few minutes a day you can improve your physical and mental health, increase productivity, improve relationships, reduce stress, sleep better, and even be a better parent.

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