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Bullfrog Spa JetPaks

JetPaks create a customized, therapeutic massage experience

Bullfrog Spas is the only hot tub manufacturer in the world to utilize the ingenious JetPak system on their spas. Not only are JetPaks an innovative plumbing solution, they make your hot tub experience fully customizable to suit your body's specific needs. Because they minimize the amount of plumbing required for powerful jets, Bullfrog's JetPaks significantly reduce heat loss, saving you thousands of dollars in energy costs over the life of the spa. The plumbing inside sits directly in the hot water instead of on the outside of the shell, so any heat loss goes directly into the water, effectively eliminating the problem altogether.

JetPaks come in over 20 variations, each one with its own jet arrangement made to target different problem areas on your back and shoulders. If you're looking for a spa that will aid in therapeutic hydrotherapy, you won't find another brand with jets that come close to matching Bullfrog's power and versatility.

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