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Bullfrog Spas strives to be Earth-friendly in every way possible. Each hot tub is built using systems, materials, and technology that are energy efficient and environmentally safe. Bullfrog Spas are built 100% wood-free. The spa base is ABS molded plastic, the structure is constructed using injection-molded Z-Beams, and the cabinet is finished with beautiful maintenance-free synthetic wood.

Each Bullfrog Spa is made from 25 % recycled plastic material. Any excess plastic during production is recycled and reused. The spa structure is strong, durable, and long-lasting and JetPaks make Bullfrog Spas fully upgradable. This means that many years from now your spa will still be in use and not residing in a landfill. No hazardous pollutants are released into our environment during hot tub production. The spa shell backing material is not fiberglass and therefore it is VOC-free.

A Bullfrog Spa is at least as energy efficient as any spa available, if not more, and does not waste energy. Heat is locked in the spa with full-foam insulation and heat is recycled in the spa because the JetPak plumbing is actually submerged in the hot water. Every single Bullfrog Spa Model meets and exceeds the energy appliance standards of the California Energy Commission (CEC) without any spa modifications. Your Bullfrog Spa is low-cost to own, and is the greenest hot tub on the planet.

Energy Efficiency of a Bullfrog Spa

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