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Garden Pond Supplies

Pond & water feature treatments & equipment, koi & fish supplies, water garden lillies, and much more!

Compared to wild bird supplies this catagory has been a bit challenging. What do we mean by that. Well compared to all the other items and supplies we carry, pond and water garden supplies has the least amount of resources and distributors available to us. Therefore the research that we normally do to be reasonable knowledgeable has taken us considerable more time. However, we believe that it is well worth it. While watching the antics of wild birds is a joy, it's not the same as having koi seemly glad to see you when come up on them. Not only can they be beautiful but when their environment is balanced they seem so relaxed and peaceful which believe it or not seems to affect your mood in a positive way. Our endeavors will always be to assist in the care and maintainence of your water gardens and koi ponds with the best products available. Your outdoor garden should be your home away from home so should you need a little help give us a shout. And remember, feed a fish today.

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Through the power of oxidation GreenClean Granular Algaecide breaks down algae cells on contact, you can see it working! Its unique organic chemistry immediately begins fighting algae blooms and releasing vital oxygen into the water as it biodegrades. It can be used as a curative or preventative treatment in any water feature, including those that contain fish, plants and other aquatic life.  Formulated without the use of harsh chemicals or chlorine you are ensured there won’t be any  negative effects to the aquatic ecosystem.Atlantic Water Gardens have helped create beautiful backyard oases that everyone can enjoy. Featuring easy-to-install pre-formed ponds, filters and skimmers, Atlantic has grown into a thriving company, with excellent, innovative products that encompass every facet of water gardening. Matala is the first filter media for the express purpose of filtering koi ponds. This slightly bouyant, rigid material comes in various densities allowing your filter to remove debris of varying sizes while maintaining free water flow. Designed for long-lasting, easy pond care.


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