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Pool Skimmers

Features for all above ground pool skimmers:

Industry Exclusive! U-Joint Skimmer Gasket Provides extra protection against leaks!

Rounded Skimmer Faceplate and Return Fitting Cover
Enhances close-to-the-wall skimming action and provides a tight seal with gasket for pool wall protection.

Classic Beige Through-Wall Skimmer

Large Skimmer Opening
Allows maximum water flow for more efficient skimming - as wide as most inground pools.

Tough, corrosion-resistant, large capacity leaf basket
Extended times between cleaning; basket is easily removed.

Heavy Duty Leaf Basket

Vacuum hook-up
Allows for easy, convenient vacuuming and pool maintenance.

Color-coordinated threaded return fitting with safe directional eyeball and shut off disc
Provides an efficient return of filtered water to the pool.

High efficiency skimming weir
Exceptional skimming action.

Single barbed adapter for 1½ hose
For convenient skimmer hookup

Safe, self sealing vacuum port closure
Covers vacuum port when pool in use.

Choice of skimmer body colors
In beige or gray to compliment the pool design.

Classic Deluxe / Deluxe Skimmer Features:

Massive snap-in dual braces
Offers even distribution of weight on the pool wall.

Heavy duty see-thru lid
Serves as vacuum plate allows you to see the leaf basket.

2" Skimmer extension
Provides the additional clearance necessary to accommodate our massive 10.62" or 8½ top rails.

Deluxe Skimmer

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