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Above Ground Pool Liners

Find out why Doughboy pool liners better

Premium Doughboy pool liners are heavier than most inground liners sold today. There are 3 major reasons to purchase a Doughboy pool liner over a low-cost commodity liner (Scroll down to view a gallery of available liner patterns):

1. Liner Thickness

2. Raw Material Make-Up

There are 3 major ingredients in the chemical makeup of a vinyl liner:

Doughboy liners have increased levels of plasticizer and low levels of calcium carbonate. Typically raw material plasticizer costs are 4-5 times more per pound than calcium carbonate. Doughboy liners, with increased levels of plasticizer, will remain flexible during the life of the liner providing a wrinkle-free installation and minimizing UV fading. Commodity liners use a lower level of plasticizer (to save money) therefore compromising the quality of the liner.

3. Liner Life Span:

When comparing the purchase of Doughboy liners to commodity liners (calculated over the life span of the liner), Doughboy liners usually last 10-15 years. Commodity liners typically last 2-5 years. Both incur the same cost for installation, water and labor.

Doughboy liners are measured in mil, a true measurement. Don't be confused by the liner gauge "games" played with most commodity liners. Some will call their liner 20 gauge when they only measure 10 mil.

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