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Pool Construction

What makes the Fuzion inground pool's construction components so strong?

Four Major Benefits of Using Fuzion 5010 Highly Engineered Reinforced Composites

Benefits of Hightly Engineered Reinforced Composites Highly engineered reinforced composites can be molded to produce almost any shape desired - simple or complex. Endless design possibilities with the Perfect 10 System.

Highly engineered reinforced composites maintain their shapes under intense mechanical and environmental stresses. Fuzion 5010 will maintain its shape permanently.

Highly engineered reinforced composites are designed to produce a wide range of impact, tensile, and flexural strength properties. Fuzion 5010 won’t warp or deform, crack or shear regardless of soil or climate conditions. (See written warranty)

Highly engineered reinforced composites do not rust or corrode, and offer various levels of chemical and environmental resistance. Fuzion 5010 will withstand acidic or any other corrosive elements in the soil.

Structural Foam Polystyrene Plastic

Highly Engineered Reinforced Composites

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