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Artesian Spas

Artesian Spas

Wellness for Every Body

Artesian Spas’ founding partners came together with one uniting goal: To provide the best quality hot tubs and spas at a competitive price range. With over 100 years of combined hot tub and spa manufacturing experience, they worked together to create Artesian Spas.

Artesian Spas founding partners

When you buy an Artesian Spa hot tub, you become part of the family, provided with the same quality service and support the company is world-renowned for. Artesian Spas did not become one of the nation's leading spa providers by focusing only on manufacturing and marketing. They did it by focusing on people and balancing quality and cost with each product they make.

Modern living can result in a variety of stress and behavior-related maladies. From tension headaches, to back pain, to diabetes, the range of these uncomfortable conditions call for some form of relief. There isn't a more soothing, enjoyable, or effective form of relief than a well-designed hot tub.

At Outdoor Leisure, we stand behind the Artesian brand because their passion for spas reflects our own. So when you're thinking about purchasing your own hot tub, go for the company that's passionate about their product, because we would love to share that passion with you!

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